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Coffee Addiction – What It Shows About Our Health?

Team HealthAssure
July 25, 2022

Coffee is a stimulant. A stimulant can be good or bad depending on your current health condition. A stimulant is also good or bad depending on the quantity consumed.

For example when you consume a herb which is a stimulant for say an organ system like the liver, then having it in small medicinal dosages helps to stimulate the liver to function more actively and release toxins. However, if one over consumes any stimulant it may have an opposite and negative effect.

To understand any food we must understand its natural qualities. Coffee comes from the seed of a berry plant. Berries are known to be good for fertility. The seed of berries, that is coffee bean has a stimulating effect on our reproductive organs. It relaxes our organs and the body, instantly. Usually, this effect is temporary and not long-lasting. Wanting this relaxation once in a while amidst the chaos of modern urban life is understandable. But addiction to coffee and want it every day or twice a day – is not a good sign. People who are addicted to coffee basically must have huge unreleased and un-relaxed energy in their body that they need a relaxation stimulant and can’t do without it.

Let’s look at this another way. When our body has reached a point of toxic build-up and has blood stagnated around the organs, then the body may want stimulants like coffee to break thru the stagnation. Now, most people are unaware of better ways of doing this and hence find the ‘coffee solution’ workable. And yes, it does work but not without a huge cost and side effects.

Coffee Is Highly Acidic

The high acid content of coffee offsets the blood pH of 7.4 and the body in an emergency action to restore pH goes to the bones and nervous system to pull out essential minerals to re-create the 7.4 pH. This is why drinking excessive coffee is medically associated with bone fractures, osteoporosis, IBS, anxiety disorders and mental health problems…due to the loss of minerals caused by consuming coffee too often.

Coffee is also associated with improving liver and heart health problems in some research. Let’s look at this more closely than regular research can. Regular research is quite robotic without any deep perceptive intelligence or consciousness. Robotic research cannot be blindly applied to the ever-changing and sensitive human constitution and health.

On a closer look, we find that liver problems and heart disease is often associated with excessive intake of animal proteins. Animal proteins have a tightening effect on the organs and body and coffee has a relaxing effect – hence it compensates for this and appears to heal these organs but it does so with side effects.

So what does coffee addiction say about your health? That it is taken by people who have either high fat, high protein diet or by people who have stagnation of energy and lack of healthy circulation. It can also be a habit adopted by people who may be suffering from mild or deep depression.

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