Do You Know Anyone Above 6 Months Can Take Flu Vaccination…..

July 22, 2022
  • Do you know that children who are younger than 5 years and elders more than 65 years are at the highest risk for serious flu-related complications? It is recommended anyone who is 6 months and older should get a flu vaccination done once every year. The flu vaccine offers the best defence against getting flu and spreading it to others.
  • Flu vaccination cannot be given to children younger than 6 months so it's better that people around them should have vaccination done so that it can prevent it from spreading to others.
  • Despite several benefits, awareness of the flu vaccine is very low in India. In India, the most common flu seasons are July-August and November-December, so May and October are the ideal months to take a shot. It takes about two weeks to develop antibodies, to provide necessary protection against infection from the viruses for which the vaccine has been taken. It is best to get a flu shot as early in the season as possible, as it gives the body a chance to build up immunity to the flu.
  • The flu vaccine is the most effective way to prevent flu. Flu vaccination leads to reduced flu illness and hence resulting in fewer doctor visits and fewer missed work or school days, as well as preventing flu-related hospitalizations and deaths.

Why does one need a flu vaccine every year?

  • One should have a flu vaccination every year because the body’s immune response from vaccination reduces over time, so annual vaccination is needed for proper protection; also flu viruses are changing constantly, so it needs to be reviewed and updated from time to time to keep up with changing flu viruses.
  • There are many types of flu vaccinations, and you should consult a doctor to check which one will work best for you. Flu vaccines are easily available these days. You can get your flu vaccination through our Medical network;

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