Follow These Easy Tips To Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding At Your Home

July 25, 2022

The mosquito that keeps buzzing by your ear is not just a nuisance but also the carrier of many diseases in pets and humans. Every year, millions of people contract mosquito-borne diseases like chikungunya, dengue, Zika fever and malaria. Especially during weather and season changes, getting the mosquito population under control by preventing them from breeding is essential to fight any disease. Protecting your windows and doors with fly screens might help you dodge some of the stinging bites.

However, preventing mosquitoes from breeding at home with the help of these four ways will help ward off all mosquito bites and the diseases they carry:

Do Not Allow Water To Become Stagnant

Did you know that mosquito eggs take only about a week to grow from eggs to an adult? Female mosquitoes typically lay eggs in places with stagnant water. Hence, clearing all areas of stagnant water will reduce the number of mosquitoes significantly. So, throw away the water collected in garden pots and the children’s toys that are kept in your garden or window area. Make sure that your home has proper drainage. If you have a birdbath at your window, replace the water in it regularly. Do not keep items like old tires around your home to collect water. Also, stay away from permanent freshwater sources and ponds.

Use Insect Repellent And Sprays Right

Use the following repellent methods in and around your home:Use anti-mosquito sprays against the visible mosquitoes in your home.Use mosquito coils where possible. Keep a watch on them at all times so that they do not cause a fire by burning curtains or other objects.Use insect sprays and repellents both inside and outside the house.Use plug-in mosquito vaporisers or “zappers” in enclosed places like verandas. Remember to switch them off if you are not using the area. Using repellents at the same time might help improve their effectiveness.Spray insect repellents on shrubs and plants near your home.Use long-acting insect-repellent sprays in all corners where mosquitoes typically hide.Make sure to read the instructions and directions for use of these sprays and vaporisers and check their safety.

Take Nature’s Help 

You can plant marigolds or lavenders in your home, the flowers which contain essential oils and potent fragrances that keep the mosquitoes away. Fragrant plants that help repel mosquitoes naturally include basil, lemongrass, ageratum, rosemary, peppermint and sage. Plant these trees in your window or patio, around the perimeter of your space to create a natural mosquito-fighting shield around you. Get all of nature’s beauty along with its benefits.

Keep Your Garden A Mosquito-Free Zone

Mosquitoes love to reside in lush green environments like your garden. Beware, as the mosquitoes in your yard and garden will be the first ones to bite you.

Cover The Base Of Pot Plants With Sand

Never place potted plants on plates. Keep your swimming pools empty or covered if not in use.Clean your gutters regularly so that water runs freely. Keep minimum vegetation around the edges of fishponds. Overturn or cover tools, playground toys, wheelbarrows and boats to avoid water collecting in these.

In addition to these tips, the following precautions will also help reduce mosquito breeding:

1. Check your fly screens for holes or tears and replace or repair them as needed.

2. Apply DEET-based insect repellents on your body for four to five hours before stepping outdoors.

3. Treat your sunshades and clothing with permethrin-based products. They last through several washes and help repel mosquitoes.

4. Install bug lights in the outdoor light space; they repel mosquitoes.

5. Remove the waste from your house every day and do not allow litter to accumulate around your house or neighbourhood.

6. Aerate ornamental ponds or stock the pond with mosquito-eating fishes. As someone rightly said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

So, this monsoon prevents mosquito breeding and protects your health from the ruthless diseases that mosquitoes bring along. To learn more about preventing mosquito-borne diseases and clear any doubts, consult a doctor on the HealthAssure app and take professional advice.

If you were recently bitten by a mosquito and had a fever or chills for more than 3 days, get your blood tested for any of the mosquito-borne diseases.

You can locate a pathology near you on the www.healthassure.inwebsite.Book an appointment for your children by calling 022-61676633.

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