5+ Health tips to beat the heat

July 22, 2022

Summer is the season to play water sports, go for picnics and enjoy chilled drinks. But before you even plan your summer vacation, the blazing hot temperature reminds you of the various health issues that occur during summers, from mild dizziness to sunstrokes. And thanks to global warming, the temperatures continue to rise each summer. If you are wondering how you will cope with the rising temperature this summer, the following health tips will keep your body fit and prepared to bear the summer heat:

  1. Stay hydrated: Hydration is key during summers as most of the body fluid is lost in sweat. Drinking plenty of fluids like fruit juices, water, coconut water and milkshakes is essential to maintain the fluid balance in the body. But remember to give the sugary and alcohol-containing drinks a pass, as they can dehydrate you. When plain water gets boring, prepare fresh fruit juices or snack on watery vegetables like cucumbers and bell peppers.
  2. Look for the shade: Since stepping outdoors is inevitable, make sure to find shade outside. Try not to walk outside during the daytime and if you cannot avoid it, carry your shade-giving shield — an umbrella or a wide-brim hat. Find your car a parking spot in the shade too. If you have to sit in the car in the sun, roll down your windows for some fresh air. If you have to leave the car parked in the sun, do not leave anyone in the car, not even your pet, as this could be fatal in the heat.
  3. Skip the 4 o’clock tea: The caffeine-enriched teas and coffees and caffeinated beverages like soft drinks and sports drinks are sure an energizing and refreshing boost. However, they can dehydrate you. Drink some cool water, fruit coolers or lemonade instead.
  4. Keep the sun in mind and plan your day: Although dodging the scorching sun can be tricky during the day, try to avoid the harsh heat between 11 am and 3 pm. Try pushing your meetings from 2 pm to 4 pm and if you plan to take a half day, take a half day post lunch to avoid the afternoon travel.
  5. Dress summer style: Wearing the right type, amount and fabric of clothes can help the body absorb less heat and avoid suntan. Wear flowy dresses, and cotton pants and avoid wearing jeans and heavy or studded clothing; they are less breathable and make you sweat more. Avoid dark-coloured clothes like black and blue. Wear brighter shades like whites, yellows and mint greens. They deflect the sun's rays and keep you cool and non-sweaty.
  6. Keep your meals light: Just like you, even your stomach does not wish to work extra hard to digest food. Include fresh, easily digestible and hydrating foods like salads, fresh fruits and cold soups in your meals that will put less stress on your digestive system and make you feel light and energetic. Moreover, spicy and greasy foods can increase the heat in the body and make you feel bulky. As eating light foods means fewer fats and less heat, they are a win-win situation for people who plan to lose weight.
  7. Take cool showers and baths: Cool showers and baths help your body cope with the heat and regulate its temperature. To save up on water, you can use wet towels and ice bags to bring down the body heat.
  8. Remember to rest well: Even though the bright sunlight and longer days during summer keep most of us on the go, it is necessary to relax during summer. The excess energy levels required for daily activities and the constant sweating and heat can tax the body. When you feel tired during the day, sit back, take a power nap and make sure to get the ideal 6- to 8-hour sleep every night.
  9. Limit the salt in your food: Too much salt can alter the fluid levels in your body. So during summers, add only the required salt amount while prepping your meals. Reduce your intake of salty snacks like salted nuts and foods like pickles, which have excess salt.
  10. Never forget the sunscreen: Sunscreens are not only essential to avoid tan lines, but they also act as a protective layer on your skin. They protect your skin from sunburns, prickly heat and sun allergy. A broad‑spectrum sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB protection shields your skin from harmful, cancer‑causing ultraviolet rays.
  • Follow these tips and keep your body fit and ready to battle the summer heat. To learn more about taking care of your body and health during the summer, consult expert physicians at www.health assure.inor use the HealthAssure app.

Book your appointment at 022-61676633.

To get your login credentials for Health Pass, please mail at support@healthassure.in


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