Holistic Ways To Boost Your Immune System

July 22, 2022

The immune system keeps you healthy and ready to battle the disease-causing germs. Battling the seasonal sniffles and fighting infections require not only good rest, warm soups and prescribed medications, but also a strong immune system. In a person with a weak immune system, even a small scratch is enough to introduce harmful bacteria into the bloodstream.

Although unseen, members of your immune system, like the white blood cells, are always on duty to stop these germs from causing diseases and infections like the flu. So, what do you do to enhance your defence mechanism, and how? The answer lies in practising the following rules in your daily routine:

1. Kick the butt

Even if you are a light smoker, you need to quit smoking as it harms your body. Other than affecting your heart health and lung function by increasing your risk for stroke and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), respectively, smoking can also increase the time you take in healing from injuries, leading to overall poor quality of life. Also, you should drink alcohol in moderation to protect your liver and other organ functions.

2. Stay hygienic at all times

Just like you need arms and ammunition to fight a battle, you need hygiene and sanitation to help you in the fight against germs. To keep the infections at bay and to prevent them from spreading, practice the following personal hygiene tips in your daily life:

  • Wash your hands with soap after using the bathroom and before preparing your food.
  • If you get a bruise, wash it and then apply a bandage on it. If it is a major wound, like an animal bite, visit your doctor immediately.
  • If you do not have a tissue or a handkerchief to cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, sneeze or cough into your elbow rather than in your hand.
  • Do not pick at your pimples, zits or healing wounds. Doing so allows germs to enter your skin.

3. Travel healthy

While you get busy packing your suitcase and preparing your itinerary, discuss your travel plans with your family doctor and check if you need to take any vaccinations before your trip. Moreover, remember to carry an insect repellent that contains DEET and a mosquito repellent if you plan to visit any places known to have insects and mosquitos. Avoid tattoos and unnecessary shots as syringes and needles might be reused in some parts of the world.

4. Have safe sex

Use a polyurethane or latex female or male condom while having sex; this includes oral and anal sex. Be sexually active with only one partner who has tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and genital infections and is monogamous as well. This will help you keep STDs away.

5. Use clean water

Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that the water you use is clean-

  • Drink only bottled water or use boiled tap water for drinking or brushing your teeth.
  • Drink only bottled or packaged drinks like juices. Roadside juice shops may not be using clean water to prepare the juices.
  • Avoid drinking water from streams and lakes as the water may be contaminated with animal waste or disease-causing organisms.

6. Ensure your food is safe before consuming it

Food safety is essential for disease prevention and healthy living measure as contaminated food is the source of many health conditions, from food poisoning to kidney failure. The following precautions will help destroy the germs in your food:

  • Defrost your food only in the microwave or in the refrigerator.
  • Rinse fish, meat and poultry thoroughly under running water before cooking them. Do the same with vegetables and fruits.
  • Do not consume dairy products if the milk is not pasteurized.
  • Uncooked meat increases the risk of an E. coli infection. To make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly, use a meat thermometer. In the case of fish meat, you can determine if it is cooked by its opaqueness. Use different cutting boards for cutting vegetables and raw meat.

Some other general tips to improve your immunity are as follows:

  1. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep: Resting well gives your body enough time to repair tissues in the body and prepare them for the next day.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and help boost immune function.
  3. Reduce stress: Increased stress levels might suppress immune function and alter normal processes like digestion in the body.
  4. Watch your weight: To keep your body processes healthy, ensure that you are in a healthy weight range
  5. Get the required vitamins and micronutrients: Eat foods that contain copper, zinc, folic acid, selenium, iron, and vitamins B6, A, E, and C. If you hate fruits and veggies, look for mineral and multivitamin supplements.
  • To know more about improving your immune system and overall health, talk to physicians and dieticians on healthassure.. To get yourself checked for any infection or conditions, locate the nearest pathology centre on the HealthAssure app.

Book your appointment at 022-61676633.

To get your login credentials for Health Pass, please mail at support@healthassure.in.


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