7 Nutritious foods to fight hair fall

July 22, 2022

Gone are the days when hair fall was only an old-age problem. Nowadays, people of all ages and genders complain of bald spots and receding hairlines. Some people blame stress while others blame the chemical-containing hair products. Before you start panicking about your hair loss and head to the trichologist for help or shop for hair growth products and supplements, take a closer look at your eating habits. Eating healthy foods plays a crucial role in improving your hair health even if genetic factors and lifestyle issues like stress have more of an upper hand. The “always in a rush lifestyle” and the greasy and junk food–eating habits have drawn us far from eating nutritional foods regularly. This, in turn, has taken a toll on the nutrient levels of both the body and hair, leading to issues like hair loss. Following are 7 foods that work at improving your hair health effectively:

  1. Eggs: Your hair strands are about 90% proteins, which is why eggs, the best source of protein are always the top option for healthy hair. Besides proteins, eggs are also a great source of vitamin B and biotin, both of which are contributing factors to improving hair health. Have the egg white and yolk either boiled, cooked in a curry or scrambled. If you are not a fan of the yolk, you can have the whites, as they contain a bulk of the protein content. To make sure you have got your optimum share of egg in the diet, carry at least one boiled egg in your snack box every day for a yummy, filling and healthy snack.
  1. Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients including vitamin B and E, selenium, calcium, protein, iron, biotin, magnesium and copper which are great at nourishing your hair. They are also enriched with omega-6 fatty acid, which helps prevent drying of the scalp, thereby reducing hair loss. Keep a tiny jar of sunflower seeds on your desk and munch on a handful of them or add them to your cookie or salad recipes. You can also toss some seeds in the blender while making your breakfast smoothie.
  1. Spinach: Spinach is a great strengthening agent for your hair. It is rich in iron; omega-3 fatty acids; calcium; vitamins B, E and C; magnesium; and potassium, the elements that stimulate healthy hair growth. Include spinach in your salads for dinner, in your fresh fruit/vegetable smoothie for breakfast or in your vegetable stir fry for your lunch box. Baked spinach chips make for a great snack option. If you do not enjoy spinach, you can try kale, broccoli or cabbage instead.
  1. Carrots: Even though carrots are known to be the best food for improving eyesight, they are also one of the best foods at preventing hair fall. The beta carotene and vitamin A found in carrots stimulate healthy sebum production on the scalp and boost hair growth. Add carrots to your salads for a great bite; add them to your smoothies or add them to your soups or juice.
  1. Nuts:Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts and other nuts are a rich source of phytochemicals and healthy fats that have a huge impact on stimulating hair growth. They also contain iron, proteins, minerals and vitamins that nourish your hair. The fun way to have nuts is to have a handful of nuts at your tea break or when the hunger pangs hit you while travelling. You can also add them to your salads or milkshakes.
  1. Salmon: Seafood has always been known as a superfood group for hair health. Salmon is one of the best fishes for healthy hair. It is an excellent source of fatty acids that helps enhance blood vessel activity and brain function. The omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, minerals and the generous amounts of proteins found in this fish help improve your hair and skin texture. Include salmon in your food at least once a week. Have it grilled, baked or get some salmon sushi. When you get bored with salmon, you can replace it with mackerel, sardines, trout or other fatty fishes.
  1. Beans: Beans are enriched with iron, an essential nutrient that prevents hair loss. They also contain minerals, proteins, vitamin C, and fibre. Include the nutritional boost of beans in your diet by trying out a variety of beans options like soybeans, lima beans, black beans, chickpeas and kidney beans; amp up the taste and add variety to your dishes. Make your own beans and veggie salad or have a mixed bean soup.
  • Reduce hair loss naturally by creating a power-packed therapy for your hair by including these healthy foods in your daily diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. To know more about hair-healthy foods, talk to expert dieticians and nutritionists on www.healthassure.inYou can also talk to expert trichologists on the HealthAssure app.

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References: https://smiha.edu/10-foods-that-promote-healthy-hair/a

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