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Eat your Water: 5 easy hacks to stay hydrated without drinking water

Team HealthAssure
April 23, 2022

Nothing compares to an ice cold glass of water during a sordid summer afternoon but we definitely can’t say the same for the jaw clenching winter months.

Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water is the last thing on our mind during single digit temperatures. Nevertheless, staying hydrated during the unforgiving winter months is crucial. 

Hydration helps you with everything- from keeping your skin healthy to regulating your body temperature to helping every organ of the human body function efficiently. Adequate hydration also aids your immune system and increases metabolism which ultimately helps you maintain a healthy BMI. 

With these numerous benefits that adequate hydration offers, we still have trouble drinking enough water, especially during the winter season. If you’re someone struggling with the same issue, we’ve got you!

Presenting to you, 5 easy hacks to stay hydrated without drinking water:

1. Introduce Oatmeal in your diet– Oatmeal is a super breakfast option which     you can easily introduce in your day. When oats are cooking, they expand     and retain the water or milk they’re being paired with. Use warm     water/milk with your oats to make them perfect for a cold morning and kill     two birds with one stone.

2. Pair your meals with a Salad– This is the most easiest way to ‘Eat your     Water’. Fruits and vegetables have a high water content which can help you     stay hydrated throughout the day. You can include vegetables like     cucumber, lettuce and celery in your salad which have water content upto     96%. 

3. Warm up with hot beverage– What’s better to sip on hot beverages on a     chilly winter day? Tea, coffee or even hot water with lemon can help you     reach your daily water intake goals. Take some time off work and enjoy a     guilt-free hot chocolate while watching your favourite tv show. 

4. Bring back Milk in your life– To stay hydrated your body needs     electrolytes. Milk has excellent hydrating properties which can rehydrate you and provide you with protein and other vital nutrients your body     needs. (Avoid this option if you’re intolerant to lactose or certain milk     proteins)

5. Reduce your Alcohol Intake– Alcohol increases urine production in your     body which can dehydrate you. Avoid alcohols like whiskey and brandy which have high levels of congeners that can dehydrate you even more quickly.     Don’t drink on an empty stomach and always hydrate before you drink.

Taking care of our body remains to be the most valued aspect of our lives and even then we struggle with small things like drinking enough water daily. We get it, you’re occupied with 10 other things which seem as or sometimes even more important than taking care of your own health. 

To help battle this, try shifting the responsibility.Find a partner in your health journey who takes care of you and your family holistically. This way you can focus on other areas of your life without any guilt while your health doesn’t take a backseat. 

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DISCLAIMER: The information given here is not medical advice, follow at your own discretion. Please take medical advice if needed.

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