White Sugar: How It Affects The Physical And Mental Efficiency

July 22, 2022

White sugar is a slow poison. Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, coffee, white sugar – all of these are stimulants. Somehow for some people white sugar looks less evil than the others.

In ancient times, sugar was available scarcely, and used sparingly with medicinal herbs. Sugar like honey has a relaxing quality. Hence it was believed that if a medicinal herb was mixed with a little sugar or honey then the body would relax and receive its benefits more. However, this was only to be used when the body was sick and tense and needed this combination of medicinal herbs and sugar or honey.  Back then sugar was very expensive and used only by the wealthy who anyway fell sick more often due to their extravagant food habits and lifestyle.

Post industrialisation (1751-1900), when the steam boats, railroads and commerce were developed and advanced, sugar was easily available in all regions as it could easily be transported and hence the price dropped. It became a common commodity used by all classes of the society. From being an expensive ingredient to be used once in a few months with medicine, it became a daily use commodity. Now in modern times it has become worse – it is used as much as 10-40 times per day by some people!

Our body has a certain balance between activity and relaxation. This balance is also the balance between hot and cold, protons and electrons, hardness and softness etc. When this balance of opposites is well maintained, then we have a good degree of strength and a pliable flexibility. Both strength and flexibility are important for fitness and health.

However, as mentioned above, the increased use of sugar as a daily commodity has drastically affected this balance of opposites in our body. Nothing in excess is good for our body and at this level of sugar consumption it leads to unhealthy relaxation, that is, dispersion of vital energy. Hence daily consumption of white sugar contributes to less strength and more weakness in the body.

On a physical level, consuming white sugar leads to loss of minerals – minerals that maintain the bones, structure and strength in the body. White sugar also creates an over acidic environment as well as causes inflammation in the body. Hence consuming white sugar on a daily basis depreciates the immune function and the overall efficiency of the body. When the body isn’t functioning at its optimum level, then the mind also becomes slow and sluggish.

Another interesting fact about white sugar is that, bad bacteria, infection, allergies and cancer cells feed on white sugar. An individual’s gut at any given time has both good and bad bacteria. In health there is more of the good bacteria and in disease the bad bacteria is more. We could say in this way that consuming daily  white sugar affects the blood quality and gut microbiome making one more prone to infections, allergies and thereby creating an “environment of disease” in the body.

Recent scientific studies also point that our gut and brain is connected and hence consuming white sugar directly affects the brain and mental health of an individual. The acid excess in the blood also contributes to memory loss and brain fog.

These days I hear many people say that they don’t mind having an extra dessert or a sugary drink as they will then go and “make up” for this excess by doing a little extra physical work out to burn the extra calories.  Sounds accurate, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.  Sugar has multi-dimensional negative effects and hence a simplistic logic of burning calories isn’t apt to understand the effects of sugar.

As far as calories are concerned one may burn a little extra calories with a little extra workout, however how can one negate the effect of inflammation , excess metabolic acid waste, poor gut-micro biome health and mineral loss caused by the consumption of white sugar? Additionally for many people, consuming white sugar weakens their immunity and metabolism and so much that they find it difficult to reduce weight.

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