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Frequently Asked Questions

Agent FAQs

We are always here to answer any of your questions or address any concerns or doubts you may have. Browse through some of the most commonly asked questions, or reach out to us!

Agent FAQS

General Questions

What all user Data is captured/required?

Name, Mobile, email, Gender, DoB, Product Details (Product Name, Product Id, Price) captured at the time of Sales in the Agent App are essential for activating user plans.

Agent FAQS

Pricing Questions

How can a customer access services included in the Plan purchased?

Registered users can avail of services either via login to HealthAssure Website and app or can also call the call centre number for assistance with the same. Customers can see credits or wallet balances against the services that are a part of the plan purchased.

Agent FAQS

How To Questions

How do I approach my client during these unprecedented times?

During the time of the pandemic, there’s lots of fear and panic by helping them with a complete primary level of care with our innovative products where customers have 24*7 qualified medical advice and tools to live life fearlessly.

My clients are asking for cashless OPD along with IPD. How do I provide comprehensive coverage?

We are India's largest primary OPD care company, helping individuals and corporate. Although one single product with benefits of both OPD and IPD we are in the process to launch.

How do i maintain business continuity & increase my portfolio during pandemic?

During the Pandemic people were under panic and needed qualified doc and specialists along with tests and medicine on no contact basis till the extent possible, huge demand for OPD care products created a new scope of big business by advising on primary OPD care where all needs can be catered through one single app.

How is User Plan activated post sales by Agent?

Post completion of the sales process, the user plan is automatically activated in the HealthAssure system basis the details captured at the time of sales on the Agent App. The user receives login credentials and details to the HealthAssure web platform and mobile app, within 24 hours on his registered email ID and SMS

How is the customer notified about his appointments/bookings?

User can see his appointment status in “My appointment” section and also SMS & Email for each step is triggered to user for: Appointment Request Appointment Confirmation Prescription Report


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